Tyn Dwr Hall Wedding Photography

18th April 2022

We always love going to Tyn Dwr Hall as it is such a tranquil, natural, beautiful location. It is perfect for weddings, so we were delighted when Heather and Daniel asked us to be their photographers there. 

The Venue

I was told that the building was originally a Youth Hotel, before being bought and upgraded by the University of Lancaster. The Uni commissioned the huge frosted glass panel that separates the bridal prep room from the corridor with passing guests on their way to their bedrooms, for a cost of £60,000. As part of the University, this room was used by students as a ‘quiet’ place for study but nowadays, it is more like a noisy room full of bridal parties getting ready for their day!

Preparing for the Day Ahead

On Heather and Daniel’s wedding day the sunlight was streaming in through the window, creating a soft warm light, just perfect for photos. When we arrived Heather was quietly sitting having her hair done whilst her bridesmaids were getting the dresses steamed, opening Processo or just relaxing together before the day started. 

Daniel, in true Dan-style I was told, arrived 20 minutes earlier than expected with his Best Men and headed up to the Bridal Suite to prepare. The other groomsmen joined them, along with the Father of the Bride, for a whisky toast with a special bottle saved especially for this moment by Heather’s dad.

Meanwhile, as the guests started to arrive, Heather and the ladies started to get into their wedding outfits. With the boys having moved downstairs to the bar and garden terrace, Heather and Mum moved across to the Bridal Suite for more space (and some peace and quiet) so that Heather could get into her dress. This spacious room is stunning, offering a bath in front of the window so that you can relax whilst looking out at the stunning views of the Llangollen countryside. 

New Life as a Married Couple

Downstairs the guests were gathering in the hall in readiness for the call to enter the Ceremony Room. As they flooded in, Heather’s Dad stayed behind to catch the first look of his daughter as she came down the stairs towards him – it’s fair to say he was beaming from ear to ear.

As Heather and Daniel walked down the aisle together after the ceremony, Heather’s brother George was given the duty of ringing the bell in its bell tower, marking their new life as a married couple. I have to say, Dan is definitely the tallest groom we have photographed, standing at 6’8″, and Heather is one of our shorter brides, at just 5’2″ and a half, but together, they looked so incredibly happy to be getting married. 

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