26th September 2020

The Elms Hotel Worcester Wedding Videography

When Becky and Sukhraj asked us to photograph, film and livestream their wedding, we were so excited, especially when we saw that their intimate family-orientated celebration was to take place at the beautiful Elms Hotel at Abberley. Such a stunning and stylist venue and so fitting for such a stylish couple as Becky and Sukhraj to exchange their vows.

The Preparations

The day started when we were setting up the live stream in the elegant and very stylish Ceremony Room and something shiny caught my eye through the window in the sunlight. It was the most amazing pair of gold shoes worn by one of the guests and Becky and Sukhraj’s wedding, Becky’s brother-in-law.

Becky and her Bridal party were busy getting ready upstairs in the luxurious Bridal Suite with free standing rolled edge bath whilst Sukh and his family prepared for the day on the upper floor in the Penthouse Suite. We were so luckily with the late Summer weather as the rooms were filled with lovely warm light.

Becky had written a letter to Sukh and along with some gifts, Izzy, Becky’s daughter took the presents up to Sukh so we followed her upstairs to see his reaction as he opened the letter and read it out, so lovely and a great moment to see.

The Flower Girls looked really pretty in their gold saris and Page Boy Jonas was a little whirlwind dressed in white (and amazingly still white at the end of the day too!). Sukhraj sat with the Flower Girls to read his letter from Becky and everyone had a tear in their eyes as the words were so moving. After opening his gifts, Sukh sat on the settee in his stunning blush pink tailored jacket and gold necklace and with his sword whilst his 2 sister’s decorated his turban with jewels and then fed him chocolates. The Flower Girls and Jonas, meanwhile, played cards on the floor in the sunshine.

Down in the Bridal Suite, Becky’s sisters and mother were helping her prepare for the ceremony. Her stunning pure white off-the-shoulder dress hung on the curtain rail to be admired until it was time for Becky to get changed into it. Becky’s hands had been ornately decorated with henna and she wore an absolutely stunning antique silver necklace. She chatted and relaxed whilst her sister helped with her makeup.

Izzy came back down to the room, adorned with lots of beautifully wrapped gifts from Sukh, and a special hand made gift from Izzy. It was a beautifully carved and painted sausage dog wrapped in tissue paper, Becky loved it!

The Ceremony

As Sukh and the families started to gather in the Ceremony Room, Becky paid a visit to her parents Suite for her father to see her for the first time. He was, of course, moved at the sight of his eldest daughter looking so beautiful. Becky admitted, during bridal preparations that the part of the day she was most worried about was walking down the aisle, but with her very proud father on her arm, she was just fine and looked radiant, especially as she saw Sukh turn to look at her as they entered the room. As so many of their guests be not able to attend Becky and Sukh’s Wedding, they were able to watch it via a live stream we set with a camera at the rear of the room and we found out afterwards that friends and family from across the world, including family in India joined in the celebrations as virtual guests.

Confetti time!

Once Becky and Suk made it through an emotional ceremony and signed the register, everyone headed outside into the afternoon sun for some group photos on the beautiful manicured formal gardens to the rear of the hotel. We then moved on, discreetly to the orchard for confetti throwing. We then let the guests find their way back to the hotel whilst we spend some time with Becky and Suk enjoying some quiet time with just the two of them wandering through the orchard and through a small tunnel in the hedge. We stopped for some lovely romantic photos in the formal gardens before rejoining the wedding party.

Wedding Breakfast

The private dining room was set up in a lovely intimate way with everyone seated around one large oblong table. The big surprise of the day was when the bride and groom were lead into the room by an amazing drummer! The atmosphere and the noise was incredible as they dancing into the room to enjoy their traditional Indian Wedding Breakfast. The drumming continued for some time and the sound was so rhythmic and exciting. We loved it! Clearly Becky and Sukh did to with the smiles on their faces!

After the meal Becky’s dad, Sukh and then Becky’s brother-in-law with the very sparkly gold shoes, all made speeches then everyone enjoyed cake before the dancing commenced.

Perfect end of a perfect day!

As it became dark, the outside of the hotel was lit up with wall lights and flames from the forecourt torches creating a beautiful scene, fit for a Duke and his Duchess, which we could not ignore so we brought the lovely couple outside briefly for a few photos outside the front of the beautiful Elms Hotel Courtyard.

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