The Royal Toby Hotel Wedding Photography

9th April 2022

As Professor Slughorn says, ‘it is impossible to manufacture or imitate love’ – and it was impossible not to see how deeply in love Beth and Craig were on their wedding day!

‘It is impossible to manufacture or imitate love.’

Set in the quaint Royal Toby Hotel in Rochdale, the happy couple had such an easy nature around each other that much of the day’s stresses were eased with a simple look. They opted for a Harry Potter themed wedding, with a beautifully painted life-sized model of Dobby greeting everybody on the way in. The ceremony only got more impressive from there, with Beth’s creative flair being put on full display through each of the intricately handmade decorations dotted around throughout the ceremony.

Incredulous ‘Flower’ Creations

One thing that I could not get over was the huge amount of time Beth and her fellow Crafters must have taken to create the most delicate and unique flowers made from books and buttons – over a year I was told!

With Beth and Craig both sharing a passion for books, described by Beth’s mum as a couple of ‘book worms’, the totally unique flowers were everywhere you looked; the bouquets, the buttonholes, the table decorations, even cascading down the wedding cake.

An Intriguing Challenge for the Muggles

The Wedding Breakfast celebrations followed the same theme, with the muggles having to solve riddles in order to find their seats. It was an intriguing challenge of mysterious keys and messages, with some muggles more confused than others. However, they were rewarded with their meals and a much-deserved twirl around the dance floor to end the night on a high.

What a joy to photograph such a unique wedding day!

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