Manchester Town Hall Wedding Photography

30th October 2020

2020 had been a year to forget until today! Somehow their story of love cut through the stereotypically Manchester dreich weather and all this covid nonsense.

We’d been waiting to photograph Mary and Sil’s wedding for months, they had rearranged three times previously due to the pandemic, and decided they could wait no-longer and opted for a beautiful micro wedding with friends at Lloyd House; Manchester’s registrar’s office.

2020 couples are getting married for all the right reasons. They don’t care about the parties, the expense and showing off…. they just want to show each other how much they want to spend their lives with each other. After the brief ceremony, we had a quick stroll around the streets of central Manchester, around the famous Town Hall area, where they had a chance to show the camera how much they meant to each other, and it all seemed so easy and beautiful. A rare moment.

Venue: Lloyd House, Manchester

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