Heaton House Farm Wedding Photography

5th August 2022

Well, there are parties and then there was Michelle and Andy’s wedding celebration party!!

…and so the day began!

The bride prep room at Heaton House Farm is just beautiful with plenty of space, loads of natural light and sliding doors leading onto a balcony with the most amazing views. Michelle, her 5 bridesmaids, 2 Flower Girls Darcy & Lilly, and the 2 Mums all prepared for the day ahead with all the noise and excitement of a wedding day, enjoying the surroundings and helping each other look their best.

Arriving in style …

In the meantime, Andy and his groomsmen travelled to the wedding in a very stylish limousine. After a quick drink in the bar, they headed upstairs to don their morning suits. Everyone was impeccably dressed, especially the extremely well-behaved younger groomsmen.

Inside or outside?

Michelle and Andy really wanted to tie the knot outside under the beautifully decorated pagoda, and who can blame them, with the absolutely stunning panoramic views across the Cheshire countryside? But after a discussion with the ever-so-helpful wedding organiser Lyndsey, the decision was made to hold the ceremony indoors as it was just a little too windy and we had experienced a couple of brief showers early on. I’ve never before seen a venue turn around an area so quickly from a wide corridor into a stunning ceremony room, complete with mirror stands, gorgeous dusky pink and white flowers and blossom trees…incredible!

Then it happened….. 

When we heard that Michelle and Andy had a Wedding Host we thought that would be great to help keep to timings and add a bit of interest to the day but OMG…. we didn’t expect what happened next!! Tom Finkill is THE most amazing host with an incredible presence. He got all the guests not only on their feet but on their chairs too, madly waving their serviettes and banging their spoons on the tables to welcome the new Mr & Mrs Dawson into the room. The atmosphere was electric and, looking back, the start of the most unbelievable evening!

Surprise surprise…..

After the beautiful Wedding Breakfast, Tom had ideas and games up his sleeve, starting with ‘guess how long the speeches will take and win a bottle of Prosecco’ … what a great idea. Next on the list was a ‘Mr & Mrs’ game with Andy wearing the cutest fluffy Unicorn mask. Then, taking everyone by surprise (even Michelle who knew this was about to happen), singing waiters came crashing into the room, getting everyone on their feet, singing along and joining the conga…. and the evening had not even officially started yet!

Party Time!

As the bride and groom led the conga into the Evening Reception room the sparkly dance floor was lit up with huge ‘Mr & Mrs Dawson’ letters and Tom was ready to crank up the volume for the evening celebrations to well and truly begin. He had everyone – again – up on their chairs, singing, waving and having a great time, especially Michelle and Andy who were clearly having their best day ever.

After a lovely first dance, the dancefloor was packed and then Tom moved on to his next idea…. Girls v Boys singing competition. Starting with a very loud and enthusiastic effort by both parties, we had Bohemian Rhapsody, followed by ‘You’re the One that I want’ from Grease… complete with the BIG finish with guests sliding, shimmying and ‘worming’ across the floor. There was soooo much energy in the room!

The Perfect Sunset

With everything going on inside and the craziest dancefloor we’ve ever seen, we nearly missed the most beautiful of sunsets. We quickly ran with Michelle and Andy across the lawn to the huge oak tree to capture some photos with them and the huge orange sun as it melted into the hills. What a spectacular way to end the perfect day! 

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