We never restrict the hours we work on a wedding day. We are there to capture your day, all of it and who wants to leave when the party is only just getting started? We love all the different elements that make up your wedding day and love to document the preparations, ceremony and right through to the party in full swing. You tell us when you want us to be there and we will be there!

We get asked this question a lot, and understandably, can be a concern for any couple once they have chosen the photographer/videographer they want to capture their day. If I were to be taken ill before the day and knew attending your wedding was not an option, I would send out a request, through my network of suppliers to see if anyone, with a similar style and experience (and generally someone I know) to stand in to photograph/video your wedding but I would still carry out all edits myself. I would inform you of the situation and check that you are okay with this arrangement before taking action.

However, should I be taken ill during your day, I would contact photographers/videographers local to your venue to see if anyone can step in at very short notice to cover the rest of your day. This is unlikely to happen but can be done. I have stepped in on a day at a local hotel and helped out in such a situation. Also, if you have a 2nd photographer, they would, of course, stay for the full day. As above, I would still edit all of your photos/wedding film.

Always have a plan B’ - this is my motto! We use the latest Sony cameras and have 6 camera bodies in total. We work with 2 cameras with different lenses on my belt all day, so can easily swap to a 2nd camera without moving.  We always keep the spare camera bodies in our bags along with a number of lenses.

If I get asked this question I always recommend that you do. You will get a greater number of photos delivered as well as different angles from your day, taken simultaneously, ie Bridal Prep and Groom Prep, details on your ceremony room being prepared with all the details you have chosen for your day, your flowers & or cake arriving, Groom & guests arriving  as well as more candid shots throughout the day. I usually work with my wife Victoria but have also worked with a number of 2nd photographers/ videographers.

This is another question we get asked a lot. It’s difficult to answer as every wedding is different but generally, it all depends on what is going on, on your day. Things like having Preparation photos (bride or bride & groom), different venues on your day, children (& animals) entertainment, live music, great dance floor action, sparklers/fireworks - these all add to the number of shots we take. We roughly deliver between 500-800 different images and we definitely don’t duplicate similar shots just to make up the numbers!

Yes, most definitely. We can get these done for you or you can send them to a printing company yourself, just please make sure that you use a professional quality lab. There is information regarding prints on my album page of my website and I am happy to discuss details on a call or during a meeting. Whatever you do, please make multiple backup copies of your images so you have them for posterity.

The simple answer is, we love to travel! This includes around the UK as well as Destination Weddings abroad. As a husband & wife team covering both photography & videography this works well for our couples as we can share driving, stay in a hotel and we are also used to working together. We don’t charge any extras when we quote and there are no hidden costs to give our couples the confidence to use our services.

Great news that you are looking to book our services for your wedding! We use an online system where we can generate your quote and send out your contract, a questionnaire to capture the details of your day (don’t worry if you haven’t got all of these at the time of booking) and an invoice for your deposit. It's all very simple and straightforward. You just need to accept the quote and follow the tabs at the top. Any queries, you can always give us a call!

When you have accepted our quote, electronically signed your contract, completed the questionnaire (with any details you can) and paid your deposit your date is then booked and all details logged on our system. If you have any questions or would like any further details you can email or call us anytime. We love to keep in touch with our couples and always happy to help in any way we can. One month before your day you will receive an email reminding you that your balance is due for payment and about 1 week before your day we will contact you to go through the details on your questionnaire to check we have all the accurate information for your day. We are aware that if you book us say 12 months + before your day, some details may change which is fine, so long as we know in advance of your day (especially if you have changed venue/ceremony time etc- both of these have happened!)

On your wedding day, you will probably spend more time with your photographer/videographer than anyone else (including your other half) so it is really important that we get on, and you feel comfortable having your photo taken or being filmed. We always like to meet our couples in advance of the day, ideally at your venue, our studio or even via Zoom/Facetime/WhatsApp as this helps us all to develop a relationship and fully understand any anxieties you may have. We have put together some tips to help you look good (& relaxed) in front of the camera on our blog page of our website and can offer some tricks to make sure you feel confident. As our style is very much candid, documentary you probably won’t even realise that we are taking photos through out your day. As you can see from our previous weddings, even for portrait shots of just the two of you, we ask you to chat to each other or walk & talk as this relaxes you as well as bringing out your personality much more that standing facing the camera!

Your wedding day, unfortunately, is no longer that any other day so the more group shots you have, the less time you will get to spend with your family & friends. Roughly, between your Ceremony finishing and your Reception starting you will have about 90 minutes. To set up and take a photo with multiple people takes at least 5 -10 minutes, so an hour can quickly disappear. We suggest no more than 5 or 6 groups shots if possible.

We love food! Please feel free to feed us as a wedding day is a very long day, but please don't go mad. We are simple creatures, and we are happy with a bar meal or we can bring our own.

Absolutely! We are insured up to £2million Third Party Liability. If your venue requires proof of insurance, don't hesitate to ask.

When editing, Sean will use his judgement as to how the image will look it's best. B&W is chosen for a number of reasons...

- Sometimes the lighting in a room is terrible, and the colours are muddy.

- B&W accentuates expressions, or can improve compositions.

- If you want a particular shot in colour, just ask and we will supply if we can.

If you consider how much effort, time, thought and money into making your day as perfect as you have imagined it to be, why would you not want those memories be captured by someone who has the experience to do this for you? As professional photographer/videographers we have a significant investment in reliable camera equipment (approx £20,000) and we have many years of experience.





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