Cheshire Summer Farm Wedding Photography

18th July 2022

Lovely, Quirky, Farm Wedding Day

Our absolute favourite kind of weddings are the quirky, totally bride (and groom) organised days and this village church, vintage wagon and family farm wedding was just as lovely and unique as it could be. It was the first time for us that a couple of newlyweds have left the church in a vintage wagon, a line up of immaculately polished wagons at a farm or sparkers in front of a line of wagons…….you can see the theme developing here!

Victoria, or Torz as she is known, is a calm, organised, stunningly beautiful, hard-working young lady who had clearly put so much thought and effort into their day to make sure family and friends had the best day ever celebrating their wedding. On top of that, the sun came out (reaching 25C) just to make their day even more special. 

Getting Married in Pyjamas …

Bridal preparations were in full swing when we arrived at Torz’s parent’s house, just a stone’s throw from St Andrew’s church, Tarvin, where the ceremony was due to take place in a few hours time. There were 3 designated areas for make-up and hair, just like a professional salon, with Torz sitting calmly in the corner by the French doors, having her make-up done. The main topic of conversation seemed to be how lovely it would be to walk down the aisle wearing your pyjamas. I’m not sure who came up with this but everyone seemed to agree it would be a great idea.

With the usual hustle and bustle of bride prep, Torz’s dad was feeling a little out of place so headed over to Tim and Torz’s house to join Tim and the boys in getting ready with some pre-wedding banter and maybe a quick beer outside in the immaculate garden.

A huge Vintage Wagon

Tim, as laid back as they come, was casually walking down the lane with a large bottle of pop as I pulled up opposite a huge vintage wagon on the drive. Inside were the groomsmen, Best Men and luckily Marie, Tim’s step mum had come over to check the boys looked smart in their morning suits and attach their button holes. After a few photos in the pretty and very colourful garden, Tim and his Best Men climbed up into the wagon and headed off to the church. 

The Finishing Touches

Meanwhile, things were progressing well over at ‘bride HQ’ with Torz’s mum helping her into her stunning and very classic wedding dress with matching pearl belt, shoes and hair piece. Once Torz and her bridal party were ready, she came downstairs to meet her sister Zoe, soon-to-be sister-in-law Sophie, pretty Flower Girls Martha and Tilly and mum. The young girls looked in awe and told Victoria what a beautiful bride she was, whilst it was all a little emotional for the bridesmaids trying not to spoil their make-up! Meanwhile, dad was waiting patiently outside in the sunshine to see his girl in her dress for the first time, ready to escort her down the aisle. Torz walked through the beautifully scented jasmine archway in full flower which smelt amazing and across the lawn when she turned and asked what she should do next…. apparently dad usually rubs her on the head, so maybe on this occasion… perhaps a hug instead?

St Andrew’s Church Ceremony 

Inside the church was lovely and cool even with the 130+ guests. As Torz arrived, half the village had gathered outside, (being a bit of a local celebrity) to see the vintage car park up next to the huge vintage wagon. The ceremony started with a bit of congregation interaction with arm waving and hand motions to ‘You got the whole world in your hands’. Torz looked totally stunning in her gown and Tim and the boys scrubbed up well in their black morning suits with cream waistcoats, although glad for a bit of respite in the cool church from the hot day outside. 

After a very long confetti tunnel of 132 guests along the tree-lined path in front of the church and a group photo, Tim helped his wife up into the passenger seat of the wagon and they headed off through the village to the farm for the wedding celebrations to commence.

Down at the Farm

The marquee was huge and beautifully decorated with large churns of hydrangeas and summer flowers matching Torz’s bouquet. Bales of straw had been placed outside with a few large umbrellas and sit-on toys to keep the children and adults entertained. The ice cream van and cold drinks on arrival were well received by the guests and the live music completed the perfect Summer outdoor wedding atmosphere. 

Family photos were taken over by the pond as there was little to no shade from the sun on the field with the hot afternoon sun, then it was time for speeches, where Torz’s dad had written a speech about his daughter called ‘My Little Torz’. 

Pizza, Fish and Chips and Ice Cream

After huge portions of delicious roast dinners, everyone went back outside to relax as the hot afternoon had turned into a pleasantly warm evening. As the evening guests started to arrive the Pizza Stand and Fish & Chips van started to set up for the evening food. To our excitement, ( and the guests) the ice cream van (serving locally made Cheshire Farm Ice Cream) reappeared.

What a menu: freshly made pizzas by The Outback Pizza Company, from a wood-fired back-of-a-Landrover oven and proper deep-fried fish & chips with mushy peas, as well as a choice of sausages, curry sauce, gravy….. a whole chip shop menu in a van, followed by locally made Cheshire Farm Ice Cream, it doesn’t get much better than this for an evening menu.

Some of the guests decided to walk off their meal with a steady hand holding wine glasses whilst Torz suddenly turned competitive challenging friends to a race on the sit-on kiddies tractors!

Before we knew it, it was 8pm and time for cake cutting and the newlywed’s First Dance. Everyone gathered around the dancefloor as Tim and Torz glided around the floor, it was then straight into dancing with live band ‘Brass Monkeys’.

Wagons and Sparklers

As it eventually started to turn dark the Best Men and bridesmaids gathered some ‘not too tipsy’ guests over to the wagons now with their lights on, Tim and Torz walked through a sparkler tunnel, such a great ending to a very unique and lovely day. 

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Fantastic photos of everyone enjoying themselves.