Alcumlow Barn Wedding Photography

25th June 2022

Beautiful, Rustic and a little bit Quirky

I can see why Laura and Jason chose the beautiful, rustic, and a little bit quirky Alcumlow Wedding Barn for their wedding. Set in rolling hills in the Cheshire countryside, Alcumlow Barn hosts spectacular panoramic views, with the the outdoor space consisting of a huge Dutch barn – with thousands of twinkly lights – and an interesting white ‘chapel-style’ structure with suspended windows and flower boxes by the pond. Although the weather was dry, after some deliberation, Laura and Jason decided that it was just a bit too windy to hold their Ceremony outside – but they didn’t have to compromise much as inside the barn was just as special! 

Preparations for the Day Ahead

Laura prepared for her day with her 3 bridesmaids and 2 very lively flower girls in the Bridal Suite at the Barn. The upstairs room has lovely natural light and just perfect for make up and hair creations to take place. Jason started his day early with dog walking and then getting ready at home with Laura’s brothers, whilst helping Oliver (Laura’s son) with the finishing touches to his outfit. Oliver was particularly excited, as he had the honour of walking his mum down the aisle to marry Jason. Before we could all leave to go to the venue, Morgan, the biggest ‘puppy’ I’ve ever seen, needed a quick trip around the field for a ‘comfort break’. At 18 months, this BIG softie liked nothing more than his tummy being rubbed – he was super friendly but on his back legs probably taller than me!

As I returned to the Barn, Laura was getting ready to put her dress on when Oliver rushed in to give her an enormous hug! Esme and Alice, the 2 pretty flower girls (Olly’s cousins), were obviously pleased to see him too as the three of them then raced up and down the stairs and around the courtyard outside. 

The Ceremony

As the guests took their places for the Ceremony, Laura set off with her bridal party, through the stunning gates and across the grounds to the barn, with Oliver proudly by her side. Jason turned to see her and greeted Laura with a huge smile as they walked down towards him. 

A Confetti Flurry!

After the Ceremony was confetti! The guests held their confetti tightly closed until the couple were ready to make their entrance as the wind had picked up somewhat. We knew this was going to be a very quick flurry of confetti rather than a gentle shower, with the guests on the downward side of the wind receiving mouthfuls of dried flowers as Laura and Jason walked along the ‘tunnel’. 

Then it was time for a group photo, taken by the drone with the barn as backdrop, then onto family photos as there was a hint that we may get a rain shower. Luckily, the brief shower didn’t arrive until photos were completed and everyone was back inside the barn again. 

Amazing Canapés

The canapés looked – and I’m told – tasted amazing……especially the Camembert parcels. The venue thoughtfully held some back for the bride and groom and their families. Laura’s grandad enjoyed the mini fish & chips whilst Alfie, Jason’s grandson, absolutely loved the mini spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce!

It was time to ‘borrow’ Laura and Jason for a wander around the grounds for a few photos of just the two of them. They are so natural together, constantly laughing and chatting with such ease. This always makes our job easier as not everyone is so comfortable in front of a camera (or three as we were filming as well). Luckily, Laura was an ‘off-road’ kind-of-a-bride so the steep stone steps down to the pond were not an issue. 

Brilliant Speeches

As it drew time for the Wedding Breakfast, everyone was called to their seats in preparation of the arrival of the newly-weds. After the family-style meal it was time for the speeches with Laura’s brother Dan, Jason the Groom, and Tom his Best Man equally giving brilliant, witty, poignant and very funny speeches. 

Then, it was time for the dancing to commence! After a beautiful, but brief, dance by Laura and Jason, everyone was invited to join them … which they did, and suddenly the dancefloor was full of all ages, enjoying the party!

As the evening was drawing to a close, we went back outside with just Laura and Jason for another stroll around the grounds as the wind had dropped and the sunlight on their faces was just beautiful. When we returned into the barn, there was a wonderful smell of freshly baked pizza. 

The ‘Secret Door’

The ‘secret door’ had been opened leading to the Italian-style courtyard complete with stunning brass pizza oven, authentic tiled floor, Mediterranean plants and wooden covered seating area. The guests were already helping themselves to large slices of home made pizza whilst the chef was spinning and baking the pizzas in the oven to keep up with demand! Jason just managed to get a piece before they were gone. 

A Very Special Family Wedding Day

Alcumlow Wedding Barn is a bit different to regular venues, being full of surprises and the perfect place for a relaxed and intimate day which was exactly what Laura and Jason had planned…….a very special family wedding day!

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